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Tennis Court Dimensions & Measurements

Normally the fencing or walls around a court are a minimum of 8 ft. high for residential courts and 10 ft. for clubs or park facilities. This includes tennis court dividers and backdrops. Tennis Court Markings. The white lines that mark the court also have standard thicknesses.

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The standard width is 4 meters (13,12ft) and the height 3 meters (9,84ft). However, it is possible to increase the width by 1-meter (3,28ft) additional panels. Furthermore, the height of the practice wall can also be increased to 4 meters (13,12ft) with a particular 1-meter (3,28ft) net for ball catching.

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The wall area has a net line drawn such that the height of the line in the middle of a lane is that of a normal tennis court net in the middle, and the height at the edge of a lane is that of a normal tennis court net at the sides. The net line can be made to project slightly out of the wall so that the ball will bounce badly if the net line is hit.


The playing line marking must be in accordance with the Australian Industry Standards, which is 23.77m (length) x 10.97m (width). The centre service line and centre mark line must be 50mm wide. All other lines except the base line may be 25mm-50mm wide. The base line may be 25mm-100mm wide. All measurements are to the outside of the lines.

A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions & Layout

Net: 42 feet x 3.5 feet high at the post (3 feet at the center) The net splits a tennis court in half and runs directly through the middle of the court. A white strap measuring 2 inches wide in the center of the net controls the height, and it’s fastened to the ground.

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The standard tennis net dimensions, set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), has a height of 42 inches (106.5 cm) at the posts and a height of 36 inches (91.5 cm) in the center.

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When it comes to dimensions of an indoor court, the overhead space does have a significance. As per the ITF recommendations, the minimum overhead clearance should be 40 ft. from the height of the net. Overhead space in indoor tennis courts is especially important because players may hit the ceiling when performing a lob or overhead shot.

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BAKKO Tennis Backboard Hitting Walls. Over twenty steps go into the construction of each of the panels on the Bakko tennis backboard hitting walls. Pre-fabricated panel concept allows virtually an unlimited size and/or placement capability for any facility or application. Each panel is 4 feet wide, 8 or 10 feet high and weighs 80 to 150 pounds.