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15 Must-Know Tips For Perfect Tennis Doubles - Serve and ...

Doubles is more of a finesse game than singles and involves a bit more strategy. If you’ve been struggling with your doubles game, or simply want to improve it, stick around to learn my top 15 doubles tips.

Tennis Doubles Strategy | 8 Most Effective Strategies 2021

In doubles, your opponent always looks for openings on your side of the court. Here the technique is not to give them... Make sure you don’t stand too far or too close to the net, just stand near the net. The sole advantage of this stance is... Your movement should not be predictable. Move (forth ...

Coaching Tennis Doubles: Strategies And Drills

Tactical Positioning at the Net: Skills and Drills. Tactical Positioning at the Net is the key to success in Doubles. It's about strategy... and skill - returning every ball until you make the hit your opponent can't return. These Tennis Drills are great for fine-tuning the skills players need to do just that! The Net Player: Goals and Strategies. Wow!

10 Tips for Better Doubles Strategy | The Road to 4.5 Tennis

I’ve also found doubles to be incredibly fun as you get better and when you find partners you have chemistry with. My USTA teammates and I learned a ton about doubles strategy over the past few months from Roger Dowdswell, Tennis Director at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club. Roger is a former world top-60 player who competed multiple times at ...

Tennis Doubles Strategies & Drills | Tennis Doubles Tips ...

Everyone can learn by watching our video tennis lessons. Improve your tennis skills today! doubles. All topics movement forehand volley serve serve return lob / overhead doubles drills fitness interview equipment strategy & tactics 1-handed backhand 2-handed backhand. Age Group.

Doubles Tennis Strategy Drills, Tactics, and Tips - YouTube

Tennis Doubles Killer Training: http://truesportslegacy.com/tennisdoubleskillers

Doubles Drills - TennisGate | Official Site

Doubles: Volley crosscourt and wait for the lob. One player serves and volleys, the opponent returns crosscourt. The player who returned keeps playing to the middle of the court or crosscourt, and the server keeps volleying crosscourt until the player at the baseline hits a lob. At thi...

Doubles drills | Three easy tennis drills for doubles - YouTube

In today's video we will show you three simple drills that you can do with your friends. Drills are: Four at the net, Two up Two Back, One Up and One BackIf ...

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