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The International Tennis Federation or the ITF dictates the placement of your vibration dampener. You can place it in one of two places. Either below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string.

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The placement of a vibration dampener is dictated by ITF rules, which state that you can only install one below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string. You can slide it up or down to...

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To install this, you have to first insert it perpendicularly to the center two main strings. After this, you just twist the dampener counter-clockwise and that will get the two center mains into their slots. The outer two slots then just need to have the string pulled off to the side and then slide on.

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Place the dampener in one hand and press it against one of the two strings between which you will place the dampener. Move one string aside with your other hand and insert the dampener. Slide the dampener up or down on the strings to get it to the middle of the area between the throat or head and the first string. Long Dampeners

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At the base near the throat of the racquet before the first cross string. That is the only logical spot for vibration dampener and that is why you always see players insert their dampeners at that spot. At the top of the racquet, where there is very minimal space. At the extreme left or right of the racquet frame.

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At the left or right to the frame, which can be illogical. Near the throat of the racquet, underneath the first cross string. The only spot that makes sense is the last one, near the throat of the racquet. Although a dampener is tiny and light, it should still be in the centre, not to the left or right.

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Shop Dampeners: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Vibration_Dampeners/catpage-DAMPENERS.html?from=YTRafa uses one! But Federer doesn't...Vibration dampeners e...

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Let's start with what it is. A vibration dampener is a small piece of silicon rubber that is inserted into a tennis racquet’s string bed near the throat of the racquet. If you shift your eyes to the left of the picture above, you'll see she Julia Goerges has one on her Babolat Pure Drive.

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Where Do You Put a Vibration Dampener? According to ITF rules, players can place vibration dampeners anywhere outside the pattern of the cross strings. This means that they can be placed anywhere on the outer edges of the stringbed (left, right, bottom and/or top).

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Accurate Positioning: 2 vertical strings will get covered by a single tennis dampener for maximum performance. A single dampener will also manage 4 horizontal strings to make an optimal impact on the tennis. Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturers have guaranteed the authenticity of these tennis dampeners. Here you’ll get 3 pieces of dampeners with an optimized performance factor to absorb the shock and rattles.

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