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Tips for Using Tennis Balls for Lower Back Pain Massage

Using a tennis ball under your feet also increases flexibility in your lumbar spine by stretching your calf muscles and hamstrings, which can then ease your lower back discomfort. Do this type of massage by: • Rolling a tennis ball under one foot. • Positioning the ball so it targets the area between the toe and heel.

Rolling a tennis ball under your foot for plantar fasciitis ...

Pressure point exercises focus on relaxing any of the muscles of the back of the foot, an area typically affected by plantar fasciitis. This allows you to place the ball just below the area where you feel the concentrated pain. How to do it Place the tennis ball under the ball of your foot and firmly press down for 10 seconds.

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Do it this way: While barefoot, stand with one foot forward, placed on the ball. Step on the ball between the arch of your foot and your toes, but keep your weight distributed on the back foot.

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The pain you may feel from the tennis ball is equivalent to the pain you would feel if a masseuse was working on a tight knot. Using more than one tennis ball across your back will spread the pressure and work more areas at once with less pain. Taping two tennis balls together can create a groove where the spine sits and works muscles on each side of the spine. Rolling the ball across these areas for a short time will relax the knot.

How to Use Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Pain and Back Pain

The medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, found that massage is an effective treatment for chronic back pain. The tennis ball acts as a massage substitute that helps reduce muscle tension and provide relief from lower back pain in the left side or the right side. It is also one of the best ways to relieve latissimus dorsi pain.

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A tennis ball can help prevent this condition from occurring, along with helping to improve flexibility and range of motion of the ankle. This exercise is performed by sitting on a chair, placing a tennis ball under the arch of the foot, and slowly rolling the foot back and forth over the ball for 30 to 60 seconds in each of the tender spots ...