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How to Jump Serve in Volleyball | 3 EASY Drills to Help You ...

Learn how to Jump Serve in Volleyball. Every volleyball player needs to understand how to Jump Serve in Volleyball. Join Beach Volleyball Mastery and Learn f...

Jump Serve From the Baseline 7 Serve Drills - | Sportplan

1) This drill involves a number (a minimum of three) of players standing on the baseline as if ready to serve, with a player standing close to the centre of the net of the receivers side (acting as the setter). 2) Players take turns to serve to the player opposite them on the other side of the net.

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Volleyball Serving Drills | Float | Jump Serve | Volleyball ...

Volleyball Drills – Volleyball Serving Tips. Remember to aim to certain spot on the court. 1) to aim to the corners or seams between the players and force them to pass the ball off the net. 2) Place the ball in a way that you play out the opponent’s hitter, or at least make this player’s hitting more difficult.

Vollebyball Jump Serve Up/Down - VolleyballXpert

Instructions. 1. Coach stands inside the court, with their left foot touching the end line. 2. Coach tosses a low (antennae height) ball in front of the server. 3. Server approaches and jumps from behind the end line. 4. Coach calls "up" or "down".

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Vollebyball Jump Serve Up/Down. This drill will help players learn to jump serve from the end line when serving to a target area. Individual Serving Relay. This volleyball drill will practice serving accurately and getting to a base position as quickly as possible. Double Block Attacking Drill

Beginner Volleyball Drills for Serving | Set up for Volleyball

The serving players goal is to serve the ball without allowing the opposition player to touch or catch the ball. If the server is able to serve the ball without the opposition player touching it, the server wins 1 point, if the opposition player can touch it, it is a wash and no point is awarded.

5 Volleyball Serving Drills to Improve Consistency and ...

This is one of the best volleyball serving drills for developing pinpoint accuracy inside of a zone and learning how to serve consistently under pressure. Drill Setup: Teams are divided equally behind serving lines on each side of the court; Each court has two zones with six small cones inside each zone (12 per side) Each player gets a ball

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