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MB Volleyball Abbreviation Meaning - All Acronyms

Volleyball MB abbreviation meaning defined here. What does MB stand for in Volleyball? Get the top MB abbreviation related to Volleyball.

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The Middle Blocker in Volleyball Positions

The Middle Blocker in Volleyball Positions What You Are Expected to Do as a Middle

What does MB mean in volleyball? - Answers

What does MB mean in volleyball? - Answers. MB means middle blocker. Home. Study Guides. Science. Math and Arithmetic. History. Literature and Language.

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Middle Blocker (aka MB, middle hitter, middle) Middle blockers are the team’s best blockers, and they hit mostly fast-tempo sets from the middle of the court and behind the setter. Typically the libero goes in for the middle when he or she rotates to the back row.

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MB – Middle Back The position on the court that is the center of the back row. This is also called position #6. In your base plan, this is usually going to be played by a libero or defensive specialist. MB – Middle Blocker – This is the position on the team that plays the middle front row. They are also referred to as the “middle hitter.”

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Middle Hitter. Team's middle hitters hit balls set at the net in the middle of the court. Middle hitters are sometimes the primary attackers on the team. Middle hitters are commonly used as a decoy to freeze or confuse the opposing teams blockers. A middle hitter is also referred to as a middle blocker or just middle.

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Middle Blocker. A good middle can read the opponent's setter like a book and is quick enough to get from one end of the court to the other to block the ball. The middle also hits quick sets and keeps the other team's defense off balance. A great middle blocker is a major key to your team's defense.

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